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  1. Magnetic Convention Badge Holder

    Regular Price: C$3.95

    Special Price C$1.98

    Item #: BHM

    This is an easier way to attach your convention badge anywhere to your clothing without the need for making pin holes or clip marks. Securely attaches to your dress, blouse or suit in any convenient location.

    The badge has been designed to be large enough to fit the "Attendant" badge behind the lapel card.

    Caution: If you have a pacemaker be aware that magnets can affect it. Consult your doctor for more information.

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  2. Self-Adhesive Meeting Invitation Pocket

    Regular Price: C$1.60

    Special Price C$0.75

    As low as: C$0.50

    Item #: INV

    This clear vinyl self-adhesive meeting invitation pocket can hold approximately up to 10 invitations and can be attached to either the cover of your bible, various number of products we offer or wherever you need it. The small size is great because you can fit it almost anywhere. Opens on the long side, for easy access.

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  3. 2018 Pen and Tablet Stylus

    Regular Price: C$3.85

    Special Price C$1.00

    As low as: C$0.60

    Item #: PN18

    PLEASE NOTE: Year text on pen contains 2018 year text, not 2019.

    This pen comes with a high quality aluminum barrel that gives the pen a high quality feel to it. The pen comes in a classy looking charcoal and also doubles as a stylus and can be used to highlight items on your tablet. The barrel includes the 2018 year text laser engraved into the side. 

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