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  1. 2017/2018 Service Calendar


    Item #: SC18

    NEW! This 16 month Service Calendar ranges from September 2017 through to December 2018 and is made to organize your ministry. Handy for pioneers who begin their service year in September while publishers can continue to use it until December. Every month includes a seasonal picture, followed by a field service record page. Each field service record page contains a great location to put notes about bible studies, family worship, etc. Vinyl cover is included. Size: 4"x7".

    Available in English & French

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  2. Magnetic Convention Badge Holder


    Item #: BHM

    This is an easier way to attach your convention badge anywhere to your clothing without the need for making pin holes or clip marks. Securely attaches to your dress, blouse or suit in any convenient location.

    The badge has been designed to be large enough to fit the "Attendant" badge behind the lapel card.

    Caution: If you have a pacemaker be aware that magnets can affect it. Consult your doctor for more information.

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  3. Watchtower & Awake! (vpwp / vpg) - Public Witnessing Cart Signs


    Item #: PW16

    Branch Office SKU: vpwp / vpg

    The Watchtower and Awake! signs are great options for any Public Witnessing Cart booth. These graphics offer the latest magazines for the year and can be printed on either a PVC or Vinyl material. Select below which material you would like your signs to be printed on, select your graphics, the language and the sign's orientation.

    When selecting PVC, please note that we print the Watchtower graphic on one side and the Awake! graphic on the other side.

    If you would like to setup a standing monthly order for the Watchtower/Awake, then please contact us. Standing orders receive a 10% discount when signing up for a 12 month subscription.

    A useful tool when you have magazines displayed on the cart is our Clear Acrylic Plate which acts as a weight against the magazines so that wind doesn't blow or damage them.

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  4. Children's Magnetic Bookmarks - Set of 4


    Item #: BMS3
    This comes with a set of four magnetic bookmarks with a different animal on each. Isaiah 11:6 is quoted the back of each bookmark. The bookmarks are made to fold in half over the top edge of the page and are held securely in place by magnets. Each bookmark is 2" x 3" when folded.

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