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All of the pictures used in our 2017 yearly items has been submitted to us by customers. If you would like the chance of having your image featured in the 2018 yearly items, please subscribe to our newsletter.

  1. 2018 Yeartext Fridge Magnet

    2018 Yeartext Fridge Magnet


    Item #: MAG18

    Magnet designed to fit on your fridge with the year text printed on it. The background color selected is the "JW" blue. Size: 5" x 1.5"

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  2. 2018 Pen and Tablet Stylus

    2018 Pen and Tablet Stylus


    Item #: PN18

    This pen comes with a high quality aluminum barrel that gives the pen a high quality feel to it. The pen comes in a classy looking charcoal and also doubles as a stylus and can be used to underline items on your tablet. The barrel includes the 2018 year text laser engraved into the side. 

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  3. 2018 Year Text Sticker

    2018 Year Text Sticker


    Item #: YTS18

    Printed on clear vinyl, this sticker can be placed on the front of your Service Calendar or just about anywhere. Optional with white or black ink. Size: 1" x 3.5"

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  4. 2018 Magnetic Bible Reading Bookmark

    2018 Magnetic Bible Reading Bookmark


    Item #: BRM18

    This magnetic features the 2018 yeartext on the front and the weekly Bible reading inside. Designed so the bookmark folds in half over the top edge of the page and is held securely in place by magnets. Sold individually. Folds to 2"x 5".

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  5. 2017 Notebook for Meetings and Conventions

    Regular Price: C$5.25

    Special Price C$3.94

    Item #: NB17

    At the top of each page are boxes to select if the notes were taken at a “Meeting,” “Assembly,” and “Convention” and there are additional lines to meant to record the date speaker’s name, and talk title. On the inside of the front cover includes an area to record the themes of assemblies/conventions along with spaces to record the owner of the notebook

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