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  1. Magnetic Convention Badge Holder

    Magnetic Convention Badge Holder

    Item #: BHM

    This is an easier way to attach your convention badge anywhere to your clothing without the need for making pin holes or clip marks. Securely attaches to your dress, blouse or suit in any convenient location.

    The badge has been designed to be large enough to fit the "Attendant" badge behind the lapel card.

    Caution: If you have a pacemaker be aware that magnets can affect it. Consult your doctor for more information.

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  2. Return Visit Booklet

    Regular Price: C$5.25

    Special Price C$3.95

    Item #: RVPB

     SALE! This booklet contains 30 double sided return visit sheets and 2 magazine route cards on the inside cover. Each return visit sheet has been perforated so it can be removed. A clear vinyl cover not included Size: 4"x7"

    If you are looking for a better quality Return Visit Binder with replaceable pages, we encourage you to look at our Casemade Return Visit Binder

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  3. Bible Teach Book - Zippered Bonded Leather Cover

    Regular Price: C$20.00

    Special Price C$16.00

    Item #: LZC-BT

    Available in Chocolate Brown and Burgundy

    This zippered bonded leather cover is perfect for keeping the Bible Teach book free from all sorts of weather. The bonded leather ensures a durable product that is resistant to stains and traffic dirt.

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  4. 2017 Notebook for Meetings and Conventions

    Regular Price: C$5.25

    Special Price C$3.94

    Item #: NB17

    At the top of each page are boxes to select if the notes were taken at a “Meeting,” “Assembly,” and “Convention” and there are additional lines to meant to record the date speaker’s name, and talk title. On the inside of the front cover includes an area to record the themes of assemblies/conventions along with spaces to record the owner of the notebook

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  5. Aaron Tri-Tonal Striped Scarf - Forest Green

    Regular Price: C$24.00

    Special Price C$19.25

    Accent your style this season with a warm, acrylic blend scarf in green and white stripe. The perfect combination of fashion and comfort, this super soft scarf with fringe detailing is sure to set you apart. Color: Forest Green Learn More
  6. Aaron Tri-Tonal Striped Scarf - Brown

    Regular Price: C$24.00

    Special Price C$19.25

    Keep out the cold as you stay in style with this warm, acrylic blend scarf. The brown with red strips and fringe detailing around the edge is the perfect way to express your style, as you stay warm this season. Color: Brown Learn More
  7. Delilah Houndstooth Pattern Scarf - Red & Black

    Regular Price: C$25.00

    Special Price C$20.00

    Stay warm and in style with this updated look on a classic pattern. A patchwork of large and small houndstooth print, in bold contrasting colors of red, black and white set the trend for this season. And the soft acrylic blend will be sure to keep you cozy when it gets cold. Color: Red & Black Learn More
  8. Delilah Houndstooth Pattern Scarf - Green & White

    Regular Price: C$25.00

    Special Price C$20.00

    Wrap up and stay warm this season with a new twist on and classic style. Alternating between large and small print in a beautiful patchwork design, this Houndstooth patterned scarf is sure to ramp up your fashion. The super soft acrylic blend will keep you warm on any occasion. Color: Green & White Learn More
  9. 2018/2019 Service Calendar

    2018/2019 Service Calendar


    Item #: SC19

    This 16 month Service Calendar ranges from September 2018 through to December 2019 and is made to organize your ministry. Handy for pioneers who begin their service year in September while publishers can continue to use it until December. Every month includes a seasonal picture, followed by a field service record page. Each field service record page contains a great location to put notes about bible studies, family worship, etc. Vinyl cover is included. Size: 4"x7".

    Available in English

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