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    1. When can I place my pre-order for yearly items?
      We no longer accept pre-orders for any products.

    2. I've placed a pre-order in years past so why has this changed?
      We have made large changes to the security of our website which is meant to protect you, our customer. These security improvements mean that we no longer save credit cards on our system and because of these changes, we are limited to a certain number of days to ship your order. We felt that the security of our customers was more important than the convenience of being able to make pre-orders.

    3. How will I know when the yearly items are available?
      There are a couple different ways. You can either subscribe to our newsletter or like us on Facebook. We will be sending out the notice as soon as you're able to place your order.


    1. Is your site secure?
      Yes, our site is secure. We have made a number of security improvements that ultimately protect you, our customers. If security is still a concern then, we recommend using the "PayPal Express" option while paying for your order. The "PayPal Express" checkout service takes you to a third party payment service where you can pay for your order.

    2. What does the green bar mean at the top of my web browser?
      This green bar shows that the communication between Artistic Design's website and your computer is secure. This special type of security certification turns green because Artistic Designs has gone through a thorough vetting process.

    3. What is your privacy policy?
      Customer information is never shared with anyone or any other company.


    1. What happens if I entered an incorrect address and my parcel is shipped to th
    2. at address?
      Please contact us and let us know the address error. We will do all we can to retrieve the parcel and forward it to the correct address. If we cannot retrieve the parcel, we cannot replace the order.

    3. Do you ship outside of Canada?
      Yes, we do.

    4. Can I pick up my order instead of having it shipped?
      Yes, we have an "in-store pick up" option for online orders only. Please note that due to the volume of orders in October and November, the in-store pickup option will be disabled. We would also kindly ask that you place your order online or on the phone prior to coming to our location.

    5. How fast is Rush shipping?
      Rush shipping means that your order will take top priority and be shipped out ahead of the line. Your order will be shipped out either the day we receive it, or the next business day. Where you live and the amount of shipping paid will determine how quickly you receive your order. Please contact us for specific shipping information regarding your order. If you need your order by a certain date, please inform us. 

    6. What is your Regular shipping schedule?
      Our shipping schedule is one to two weeks. If you need an order by a certain date, either inform us of the date you require your order, or contact us to see what our shipping schedule is like. 

    7. What delivery service is used to ship my parcel?
      We only use Canada Post and UPS to ship parcels. If you have a personal account with either company, please let us know before you place your order. 

    8. Why is your shipping charge so high? Do you have any other options?
      We insure and take responsibility for every expedited/rush package that leaves us. If it doesn’t reach you, we replace it at no charge. So, this is not just a ‘shipping’ charge, but freight and insurance as well. It also allows us to track the status of your parcel. Sometimes what we recommend is that a couple of people join together on one order to split the shipping costs. We also have a more cost effective method of shipping called "Lettermail". If your order is under a certain weight, we can mail your order in a bubble envelope. However, the package is not insured nor can we track it.

    9. What happens when my parcel is to be delivered, but I am not there to receive it?
      The postman will leave a note in your mailbox letting know where and when you can pick up your parcel. Usually it will go to the Post Office closest to where you live. You may be required to show ID when picking up your parcel.

    10. What if I want my order shipped to another address?
      Make sure the “Ship To” information is correct. Any additional information can be added to the comments box. For example, the order is a gift or the order is going to your work address etc.

    11. How can I track my parcel once it has been shipped?
      Canada Post will send you an email with the details of your shipment including a tracking number, so that you will be able to track the status of your parcel. Or, you can contact us and we can track the parcel for you if you have chosen another insured method of shipping.


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    1. What if I am not satisfied with a product and I want to return it?
      Please contact us first. We will send you a prepaid shipping label that you will need to include on the returning package. You may return the item within 30 days of receipt of the order for a full refund. The refund will be applied when we receive the item(s) back in resalable condition.

    2. What if I ordered the wrong product and want to return it, or make an exchange?
      If returning a product, follow the instructions from the question above. If you want to make an exchange, please contact us first. We will give you a return authorization number that you will need to include in the returning package. An exchange is $5.00. You will need to send the item back to us in resalable condition along with a payment of $5.00. Once we receive the product, we will ship out the exchanged item.

    3. What if one of the items I ordered is falling apart after only a few months of using it?
      Please contact us. All Casemade products that become damaged through normal use within 3 years of receipt, will be replaced. Items left in extreme hot or cold temperatures or that have been abused are not eligible for replacement. Clear vinyl products will be replaced if found defective within 6 months.

    4. What if I received a damaged or defective product?
      Please contact us within 30 days of receipt of the order to arrange for a replacement.

    5. What if I received an item I did not order?
      Please contact us for further instructions.

    6. What if I am missing some items that I ordered?
      Let us know which items are missing. We will need your order number when you contact us.


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    1. How do I delete, or change the quantity of an item in my shopping cart?
      Click on "My Cart" at the top right of the screen. It will take you to a new screen showing all the items that you have ordered. To make a deletion, click on the "x" box beside the product you wish to remove. To change the quantity of an item, highlight the quantity ordered and change to the correct amount, then click on the "update" button just below the quantity box.

    2. I ordered an item with a “Special Shipping Rate”, but why does the total not reflect that?
      All orders are charged at the time of invoicing. Any changes to the shipping will be made when the order is invoiced.

    3. How can I use my credit or add an amount owing from a previous order?
      You can add this information to the ‘Comments Box’, and we will make the necessary changes at the time of invoicing.

    4. What if I want my order shipped to another address?
      Make sure the “Ship To” information is correct. Any additional info can be added to the comments box. ie. The order is a gift (plus any message you want sent to the receiver of the gift), the order is going to your work address etc.

    5. What if I forgot my password?
      On the sign in page, click on ‘Forgot Your Password?’. Follow the instructions and a new password will be sent to your email, or you can contact us and we can change your password.

    6. What if I didn’t receive another password by email?
      Sometimes the email is sent to junk mail. If you do not find it there, please contact us and we will change your password for you.

    7. After ordering online, how do I know my order was received?
      You will be sent a confirmation email. It will show what was ordered, the shipping information and you will be given an order number. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please contact us to make sure we received your order.

    8. After ordering online, I noticed that some of my information/order is incorrect. How do I change it?
      Please contact us and we will make the necessary changes.

    9. What if I want to add an item to an order I recently made?
      You can either email, or phone us with the addition. Please make sure you have the order number available when contacting us.

    10. Why is my order pending?
      This means your order is either waiting to be processed, or is in queue to be shipped.

    11. What should I do if my address or email address has changed?
      Please let us know, so that we can make the changes to our office records. You will also have to make the changes to your online account the next time you log onto it. If you decide to set up a new account, please let us know, so that we can delete the one no longer in use.


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    1. Are you Jehovah's Witnesses?
      Yes, we are all Jehovah's Witnesses.

    2. Why do you not take phone orders?
      In order to increase accuracy and security, we highly recommend placing your order using our website or order form.

    3. Do you accept PayPal?
      Yes, we do!

    4. Can I pay by Cheque from an online order?
      Yes, you can. Please note that if we don't receive your cheque within two weeks of the order being placed, your order will be cancelled. We also accept MasterCard, Visa and Visa Debit.

    5. What can I do if I am having trouble fitting a clear vinyl book cover on my book?
      We recommend you warm the covers over a vent, or with a hair dryer. This usually makes them more pliable and easier to fit onto a book. If it is still a problem, please give us a call. It could be that the product is defective, or you may not have the right size cover for your book.

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