At Artistic Designs, we continue to strive for new ways that we can improve and become better. This year we decided that it's time to go green.

We have done this by a number of different ways:

  1. We are printing 50% less paper for each order we receive. All paper that we must keep is electronically stored in our system and then recycled.
  2. Every year we send out our order form to thousands of people along with a catalog. This year we have only sent out order forms to ones who placed a mail order with us last year.
  3. We have purchased custom sized boxes that best fit our products. The smaller the boxes, the less environmentally taxing it is.

These changes have created many benefits as well. The most notable benefit is that a number of these optimizations has made us quicker and more efficient. In turn, we have passed on these savings to our customers by decreasing our shipping rates by $0.75 per order.

We are not done either. We will continue to become more efficient and we hope to continue to pass these savings on to you.