Artistic Designs has been the sole Canadian distributor for Madzay Color Graphics for 28 years and have always enjoyed the products as well as the quality that was offered.


On October 2nd 2014, it has been decided that we will be starting to create our own unique products that will serve the needs of our customers. We will be slowly phasing out the Madzay product line and the Madzay products will be removed from our website while we slowly introduce our own products.


This is an exciting time because it now gives us the chance to design products for the unique needs that our customers have been requesting. These products will be locally sourced from within Canada which will be a cost savings to you, our customer. It also allows us to work closely with experts in the field to design products that meet and exceed high quality expectations that we have become known for.


We are looking forward to continue serving you in the future as we enter this new exciting chapter and we look forward to your positive feedback.