We have added a new tab on the product pages called "Design Challenge" which is meant to show the process that was involved in choosing the product we did.


There are two reasons why we are documenting the design phase of our products:

1. These were originally meant to be our own internal notes with a list of challenges we faced and how we overcame them. This will help us in the future as we make future tweaks to the products.

2. There are many small details that go into designing even some of the most basic products that is easy to overlook. We wanted to make these notes public so that our our customers will see how much forethought went into designing these products and we hope believe in the products as much as we do.


At this time, there are not many products that have the design challenge showing but as we phase in more products that have been designed by Artistic Designs, we will be adding this blurb to as many products as we can.